What a year so far and it’s only April!

2022, what a year so far at Green Dragons Airsports and it’s only April.

There is so much to share. Feel free to browse our social media for more in-depth information, but here is a tempting list.

Where should I start?

  • Most recently, in April, we hosted the first round of the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup (PGAWC), the first round of the Paragliding Accuracy European Cup and Round 1 & 2 of the BHPA British Accuracy Cup
  • We are celebrating 50 years of our sports!
  • We were honoured in hosting the Memorial Day of Rodney Fuller, a Green Dragons paragliding friend, pilot, sponsor and mentor for many of us. Andy Shaw, our CFI and original member from 1984, released Rodney’s ashes over his beloved family farm.

It has been 50 years since the pioneers, including our founder Les Shaw, started towing parachutes around airfields to then try and land on a specific target! What a journey it has been. We have seen so many legendary pilots pass through the ranks, from age 14 to 99!

Our Founder, Les Shaw, started our parascending club in 1984, with just a handful of cadets, friends and his own children. He, and his fellows, would be dumbfounded at the progress from a basic round parachute (which only had the function to turn around and slightly brake when landing) to the amazing performance gliders that we fly today.

We, those children who flew the early round parachutes with Les, can now fly for hours and hours, across 100s of miles. We can put the glider in reverse (yep, for real). We can land on a tiny coin, collapse the glider fully and then recover (for fun), and so much more.

Not many are aware of the possibilities afforded to us, as pilots, with today’s advancement in gliders.

We have guests who come for just a tandem flight. Those guests fly with our world-class pilots, over the hills of Surrey, and more. Many times those people experience such fun. The fun that only birds have is addictive. We often find they return to qualify as a pilot, buy their own equipment, and fly alone. Once qualified the world is their oyster, literally.

One of our paragliding friends recently flew from Cornwall to just past Oxford. His personal best! Over 100 miles. That could be you. And why not? Britain is a beautiful, scenic place, why not see them from a birds eye view?

We love to teach our sport. We love to see novice public members progress to World Class pilots and we are proud that many of them compete in World Compeititions, under our sponsorhip.

As a club, shop, school and influencer, we are always looking to expand our members, pilots, staff or fun flyers. Why not drop us a line? Come for a chat? We are just 15 minutes from Junction 6/M25.

If you aren’t a flyer, if the sport doesn’t decaf your coffee, we are always looking for volunteers to help with our events, whether that is helping at the launch points, judging the landings and much more. We have many friends and family members who just come along to people watch. Support is very important.

Why not come along to one of our flying days, enter a competition, book a course or just come along on intrigue alone!

And finally, our pilots, whether newbies or veterans often come on flying holidays with us. We call it Thermal Chasers. More on that in our next blog!

All the information that you need to embrace a new hobby, book in for the competitions, or dust off the cobwebs from an old hobby, click on the links in the menus above.

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