Paragliders, Classics & Hang Gliders all came together for the The British Accuracy Cup Round 3 and the Paragliding National Championships

What an insane, exciting, multi-disciplined weekend we had!

An elite collection of pilots celebrated their achievements and progression of our sports!

The British Accuracy Cup Round 3 (PG and Classics) and PG National Championships, were joined by Hang Gliders for a cross country event.

Hosted by Cloudbase and Birdwings Airsports the event saw all manner of gliders, tents, targets, and scoreboards a plenty!

Pilots from Green Dragons Airsports competed in Paragliding Accuracy, Parascending Accuracy and the Cross Country Hang Gliding event.

It was great to see so many of the Green Dragons team on the podiums as well as two new Green Dragons Hang Gliding pilots take part in their first cross country competition.

All information regarding the fourth and final event in August can be found on or you can email

We look forward to welcoming pilots, members, spectators, family and friends alike. There are camping facilities, hotels nearby, or the flying field is just 10 minutes south of Cirencester in Gloucestershire, on the A419.