The Flying Buddies Group

Our Flying Buddies Group was set up for like-minded pilots to be able to communicate with each other to arrange flying sessions and talk about flying matters. These can be about either paragliding and hang gliding but please try to avoid needless chit chat.

Ideally we would like to keep the correspondence to conversations about imminent flying plans, weather forecasts and updates from the flying sites. It is not restricted to Green Dragons flying sites and we encourage you to include plans to fly other club sites and update others of your planned activity and locations.

Emails will originate from the email address. Please remember that when you ‘reply all’ you are replying to a lot of pilots who may not want to receive too many emails so keep on point with your replies.

The Flying Buddies Group is run with the support of Andy Shaw, our instructors, coaches and pilots. It is there for you and is as good as you make it so please contribute what you can to continue its success.

Important Notice

There is a temporary extra daily flying fee of £5 for Green Dragons Members and £10 for non members to fly our sites due to extra costs involved in running the flying days due to the COVID19 restrictions.

See our paragliding gallery

Please read our FAQs and T&Cs for more information and contact us if you have any questions. Have a look at our Flying Buddies Gallery or See our Facebook page for more images.

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Why Join the Flying Buddies Group?​

We have found that pilots who make contact with other like-minded pilots tend to fly more. Having a social and support network around you results in you getting to the hill more and more importantly getting to the right hill on the right day. The Flying Buddies Group work together to plan flying sessions to encourage pilots to come out and fly more. Our instructors and coaches will encourage you to come to hill when they are flying to help you make more of the flying day. They will be there to offer advice and support but are not working as instructors so they will also be flying.

Getting to know and being in contact with other pilots will help you progress and increase your knowledge of our sport. Having a friendly face on the hill at the busy Southern Club sites has helped a lot of pilots bridge the gap between school and club. The Flying Buddies Group helps reduce the drop-out rate of new pilots and keep the active pilots safer by introducing newer pilots to sites they have not flown before.

Because Flying Buddies is not formal instruction we remind pilots that they need to be aware of their own experience and skill level. All pilots should only fly when they feel it is safe to do and they have made the decision to fly as pilot in command. The coaches and more experienced pilots are there to advise you on how safe they feel it is so please respect their advice and make a personal decision as to whether you fly or not.

Please avoid spamming the email system with too much communication and keep information to the subject matter being discussed. If you want to private email any of the coaches and instructors then please feel free to do. If we feel that a member of the group is abusing the system then they will be politely notified and asked to stop.

Complete the below form to join the Flying Buddies group. 

Flying Buddies Membership Form
Please tick which areas you have experience in (you can select multiple boxes).
By completing this form I agree to all of the below points and agree that all participants of Green Dragons flying events must be members of the BHPA.

You are required to bring your BHPA membership card with you each time you fly on a Green Dragons site.

BHPA operation procedures must be adhered to at all times.

The Green Dragons School has priority on flying rights at all times. Instructors may stand down qualified pilots, to allow trainees to carry out their soaring flights.

Qualified Green Dragons Instructors, Club Coaches or Staff Officials may control who takes off etc. from time to time, in order to sustain a safe flying environment.

A Green Dragons Instructor must be present at all times, for trainees.

To maintain a Club Coaching / Trainee Instructor / Instructor badge at the Green Dragons Club, you must attend at least 6 coaching sessions per year.

Whilst using any of the Green Dragon’s sites, pilots are responsible for their own actions and no claims will be made against Green Dragons, Land Owners or members of the public for any incident, howsoever caused.

On arrival @ the Green Dragons Headquarters, you are required to report to the office, to inform a member of staff that you will be flying on site. They can inform you which site is being used by other Club Members/the School.

You must have another person present while you are flying. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to fly alone, for obvious emergency reasons.

Green Dragons reserve the right to reject any application, although an explanation will always be given.

Green Dragons reserve the right to stop any membership for breaking the Terms & Conditions or causing any unwanted situations, although an explanation will always be given.

Members will be responsible for informing Green Dragons of any changes to their membership details/contact information / Next of Kin etc.

From time to time, extra subsidence fees will be incurred & charged to the Members if you are attending an event, such fees could include; petrol/camping/site fees etc.

If there is an event that you wish to attend, please call the office to book your place(s), this saves time & expense for the club & its staff.

If you have booked a place at an event & you do not attend, & have not informed us within 48 hours of the cancellation of your place, Green Dragons will charge you the full amount.

Winch launch solo flights are £2.00 per flight for members and £4.00 per flight, for non-members.

All members must abide by the above terms & conditions.

Green Dragons reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time.
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