Frequently asked questions

It is very common to have lots of questions about what we do and how you can start enjoying our amazing sport. The below are some of the most common questions we have received over the years and we hope they answer any questions you might have. 

If you still have any questions then please use the Call Back form at the bottom of the page we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. We love to hear from our customers so do not be shy if you have a question you cannot find an answer in the below FAQs

Our Flying Buddies group was set up to enable our members to rapidly communicate their imminent flying plans, weather updates from the hill, and whether coaches or instructors will be present.

Join our email list to hear from, or update, like minded pilots with the latest locations to fly and flying plans. You can join by emailing or by submitting your email on our website.

Once on the mailing list you will start receiving emails about future flying plans and general discussions about flying at Green Dragons. These emails will come from the email address.

We have found that Flying Buddies has helped our student and pilots network to meet like-minded pilots and get people flying more. They are meeting and flying together at our sites and car sharing to various locations, including the South Downs and Wales.

At all times, we do advise that you remain aware of you own personal training and skill level, whilst taking the advice of those who are either your Instructors or local club coaches, especially if the flying site is unknown to you, as they will be more qualified to ensure that your flights are safe and fun.

Whilst we encourage all our students, members and customers to use the Flying Buddies system, we insist that it is not used for chit chat or other discussions. Given the nature of the system, all members receive an email with each posting and we do not want this to spam it’s members with excessive numbers of messages.
Weather Rain Radar –
BHPA UK National governing body –
CAA UK National Airspace governing body –
DHV equipment certification –
Trains come to our local Station called Woldingham, and we are a 20-30 minute walk from the station
Buses come from all across London to our location and most of our pilots end up at Warlingham Sainsburys and then walk 20 mins to get there.

By car, we are only 18 miles from central London. However, check the drive times because of traffic and local events that may cause delays. we are 30 minutes from Dartford Bridge and 55 minutes from Dover.
Enjoy your stay with us in either our farm Cottage, Camping, tents, Caravans. All accommodation is self-catering, although we can call in our cooks to make meals if required.

Our local amenities are:

Village shop 900m walk
Sainsburys 2 miles away
Local village in Warlingham has pubs restaurants, co-op and petrol station
Caterham 4 miles away with lots little shops
Famous Croydon Purley Way 6 miles away
Our local train station is Woldingham 1 mile away
Caterham Train Station 4 miles away
Local Airports:
Gatwick 14 Miles
Heathrow 45 Min
Biggin Hill 8 miles
The Green Dragons Flying Club was formed to keep our pilots flying and participating within the activities of Green Dragons. We found that pilots who were more actively involved in our club environment were more likely to keep flying and fly safely.

Green Dragons is a member of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and therefore all of our members must be members of the BHPA.

The advantages of being a Green Dragons member are numerous and not limited to:

Joining a club with like-minded members ensures you are familiar with our flying sites and you continue to learn and thereby grow your confidence in planning flying sessions and flying safely with others.

Our network of instructors and Club Coaches means you will find friendly faces to help you in your efforts to increase air-time and we often arrange trips to overseas flying sites around the World for our members.

We offer coaching to our more experienced pilots including, planning cross country flights, thermalling tips, Spot landing, active flying, and much more. There are open invitations to join us for lectures, UK trips, Thermal Chasers holidays and Events organised by Green Dragons,

Discounted equipment and course offers are periodically available to members. Members also have access to a daily morning flying weather report, given by an experienced instructor or coach, to help you get the best out of your flying day. Club members and their families are invited to lots of events throughout the year. We have camping weekends, BBQs, Christmas Parties and much more so take a look at our Gallery for the fun that we all have when our feet are on the ground.

Green Dragons Club membership fees are:
Hill Only: £70.00 per year
Tow/Power: £90.00 per year
Hill/Tow/Power: £110.00 per year
Tow fees are £2 per flight
Tow fees for non-members are £4
Power and hill flying take offs and landings are unlimited for members.

When you join you will receive a welcome letter, and a list of our sites, hazards and local rules. You will also be given a number to contact the duty instructor or Coach in the mornings for weather checks and advice on flight planning.

For any further information, please contact our office on 01883 652 666
We encourage everyone to join our forum. Whether you need help, advice or just browse to learn more about us and the sport, you can learn from those who know and talk to others who want to know more. We find the forum is a great medium for communication within our team and members.
Our newsletter a is a monthly catch up about what is going on in Green Dragons. Join to our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter we call The Buzz. The Buzz includes all aspects of news and upcoming events at Green Dragons so you won’t miss out on any fun activities.
Thermal Chasers are all-inclusive Flying Holidays! You select your date, pay 50% deposit and the remaining balance is due before departure. The destination is confirmed 24hrs before departure and we make our decisions purely based on the best location for the following weeks flying weather. We arrive and we fly every day!

Just about everything is included. We include the flights, travel to the flying sites, airport transfers, accommodation, coaching, guiding and instruction from experienced BHPA instructors.

Thermal Chasers now has a 5th Wheel Motorhome and truck that sleeps 8 for our UK and closer European destinations. Once the motor home has been unhitched at the campsite or landing site we can put 20 people in the truck and head up to take off. The winch will also fit into the motor home so we can tow should we need to do so.

Worried about safely transporting your kit? Our new truck can safely transport your paramotor, paraglider and up to 4 hang gliders so no more anxious aeroplane flights, wondering if your kit will arrive in one piece.

Over our 12 years we have had an amazing record of getting it right and out of a possible 306 days, we’ve flown 295. That’s an amazing record and have kept our repeat customers very happy

Our next international dates are Nov 30th – Dec 8th
UK Thermal Chaser trips
This year we launched a new idea and have run UK based Thermal Chasers.

We have been visiting sites up & down the UK we have based at ourselves at suitable sites with the best weather on the first week of each month. Trips include: coaching and instruction as above, plus site fees, motorhome bunk bed / camping type accommodation, 3 meals a day, BBQ, beers and lots of flying!

Note: UK dates may be subject to postponement due to weather.

Prices are:
UK based five day trips are £380 International one week trips are £920
Places are limited, so make sure you book in advance and remember to book early to avoid missing out.
Please read our terms and conditions page by following the link in the footer or header section of any website page.
Firstly, thank you for thinking about attending a Thermal Chasers Holiday, one I hope you will never forget and where we have Fun, Safety and development.

Once booked onto a trip I will need to get a copy of your passport to book our flights.

Can you please confirm if you are happy driving a car overseas, and that you have a current Full ‘Valid” Licence, which you can take with you.

I suggest that you do not take you Paraglider in its rucksack, as some PG do get stolen when folks see expensive looking equipment bags going around on the conveyer belts at airports.

Therefore, all flying kit should be in a suit case max weight 20kg, which we will check in. Your clothes in very small hand language bag, for example; tooth brush, 7 pairs socks, T-Shirts, warm weather gear including jumpers, flying suit.

Most importantly to keep everything as light as possible, due to travelling.

The day we land and leave, we will be flying so make sure your radios are well charged and as said pack light, we are going for flying Holiday, not clubbing so no need for any fancy outfits.

2m Radios, are mandatory for flying in mountains, as well as holiday and medical insurance when flying overseas, search and rescue is advisable too. BHPA covers only 3rd party.

Thermal Chasers does not offer any form of insurance., so you will need to give me insurance details and your emergency contact details before you fly. I use Dog-tag for Insurance but you are welcome to use other companies.

I will be booking flights not where you live, but where I can get us all from A-B as a Thermal Chasers team, This normally means that the airport is located in or around the South East of England.

Please contact us for more information or further questions.
Thank you for booking Funday
You must call at 2100hr the evening before, where your start time will be announced, this is due to the weather conditions.

Please do listen very carefully to your start times, as late arrivals can not join in on any courses as you would have missed your safety briefings-equipment inspections and the day will be forfeited.

Fundays ’can’ start time from ‘0500hr April to Sept’ and ‘0700 Oct to March’, (time will be announced at 2100hr as above-due to weather) so you need to be ready and prepared to be here for the start of your each and everyday of your course, you should allow for being here for 7 hours each and every day.

You must arrive ready to go at the announced start time, wearing boots, casual clothing and you ‘must’ have plenty of food and drink with you for the whole day.

We do have a toilet block, hot drinks.

For full Green Dragons courses Terms, conditions and operating procedures please look here;

Should you wish to purchase books, dvds or your own Helmet, Glider – Harness etc, please do call us or visit our online shop. All eqpt is provided for your course, some people prefer to use their own eqpt, this is fine as long as all equipment is certified and fully serviced’ as fit for use, as per BHPA regulations.

I think that’s it for now, should you need any further help or questions please do fire away, we look forward to seeing you ‘Airborne’ here soon.
You can protect your training days by selecting our training protection option at the booking stage.

This allows you to cancel the training days within the 48 hour period without losing the days training. if you do not have this option then you may lose the days training if you cancel within the 48 hour period prior to training.

Life throws us curve balls and our plans change due to our busy lives so by protecting your training will give you extra flexibility and mean you will never lose out.

Remember to click this option when paying for your course!

*This is not a refund function as our courses are not refundable. It does not impact on days when we cancel days due to weather restrictions as these will be rebooked free of charge as normal.

Please contact us if you need further information.