BHPA Hang Glider Training

Hang gliding is such a captivating and life changing adventure sport that most people know they need it in their lives. If this is the case we recommend you complete your EP and CP courses as close together as possible. Pilots that do this normally complete their courses faster with fewer gaps in training. This means you will save money by not needing extra refresher days and ensure your priority when booking training days in the future.

Completing the Elementary and Club Pilot Course close together, without a long gap in training is the quickest and safest way to become an independent pilot free to enjoy a lifetime of flying. If you are looking to change your life, open up a world of new experiences and adventures or simply know the sport is for you then book a course today. 

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BHPA Hang Glider Fun Day

A paragliding or hang gliding fun day is day spent learning about our sport and getting you ready for your first solo flights. They focus on having a lot of fun whilst keeping you safe as you make your first steps into the sky. They are perfect gift idea for that special someone or as a taster day before signing up for the Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot courses for the unsure would be pilot.

Our fun days are very popular and are delivered in a tailor made format so you progress quickly and safely along a BHPA recognised training program. Our instructors will introduce you to the equipment and teach you how the equipment works on the ground before you move onto the next steps. Once you are confident on the ground you will move onto small hops from our smallest training hill where you will float a few feet above the ground before making a safe soft landing. The final stage is to complete a number of small flights from a larger slope to experience the amazing feeling of flying like the birds. Throughout the flight our experienced instructors will be watching you and in constant communication with you safely guiding you back down to earth.

Be warned, Hang Gliding and Paragliding is highly addictive! We often find that many of our Fun Day customers are hooked from their first flight and sign up for a course to become a solo pilot. Because of this, tasks completed on your Fun Day can count towards your Elementary Course if booked within 2 months of completing the Fun Day

Special Offer

At present we are offering £100 pounds off the Elementary Course if you sign up within 6 weeks of completing a fun day with us. This amazing offer won’t last long so sign up for a course as soon as possible using the booking portal

For more information visit our Fun Day page and have a look at our Fun Day Gallery or See our Facebook page for more images.

BHPA Hang Glider Elementary Pilot Course

If you want to experience the ultimate freedom of flight, then join us to train on our BHPA approved training courses. If you want to fly safely in the UK and the rest of the world you’ll need to complete a two stage training process. Stage one is the Elementary Pilot Course which takes about 5 days to complete and takes you from a complete novice to a standard you are ready to progress onto the Club Pilot Course.

By the end of the course you will have ticked off several practical tasks that bring you closer to becoming an independent pilot. The main aim of the course is to teach you about the equipment we use and the basic principles of flight, whilst keeping you safe as you progress along your journey. Our goal is to get you flying solo as soon as possible and by the end of the you will have completed multiple flights in various flying conditions across a number of our private flying sites. In the Elementary Pilot Course we focus on completing safe take-off and landings and the early stages of glider control whilst airborne.

During the course you will learn some important flying manoeuvres, you will gain a basic understanding of equipment, glider control, the weather and complete stage one of your journey to becoming a fully qualified pilot. By successfully completing the Elementary Pilot Course you will be able to fly on your own, but at this stage you still need to be under the supervision of a qualified instructor. The Elementary Pilot course also ensures that you are ready to start the Club Pilot Course and ultimately fly unsupervised at flying sites around the world.

Book the Elementary Pilot course for £899

BHPA Hang Glider Club Pilot Course

If after completing your Elementary Course, you want to continue flying then the next step is to complete the Club Pilot Course. The Club Pilot Course will give you the skills and confidence to fly unsupervised and continue your development into an independent pilot.

Our BHPA approved course is full of theory lectures and practical tasks focusing on your development as a pilot. During the course you will complete lots of flights to improve your launching and landing techniques. The flights will be longer in duration, also they will be higher than before so you can complete more complicated tasks to improve your piloting skills and improve your confidence.

The Club Pilot Course goes into more detail about how our equipment works and there are multiple theory classes to improve your understanding of the sport. The theory classes prepare you for real life practical flying situations and there is a simple multiple choice written exam to complete at the end of the course. Don’t worry, you will be exam ready by the end of the course and our team of instructors will be able to help you should you need extra assistance.

Completing the Club Pilot Course is your first solo rating and allows you to fly unsupervised at our sites and other club sites in the UK and beyond. You will have practical skills and theory knowledge that will keep you safe and open the door to an amazing life changing adventure.

Sign yourself up for the course that opens the door to the wonderful world of hang gliding!

Book the Club Pilot course for £899

Book The BHPA EP course £899

Book the BHPA Elementary Pilot course for £899 to complete step one of your path to becoming a solo hang glider pilot. The course normally takes 5 days and takes you from complete novice to a level ready to start your Club Pilots course where you learn what it takes to be the pilot in command. Sign up today and change your life for the better!

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Book The BHPA CP course £899

Book the BHPA Club Pilot course for £899 to complete your training and achieve your Club Pilot rating that allows you fly across the world. The club Pilot course normally takes 5 days and continues your training developing you into a confident safe pilot capable of making independent decisions. This course opens the door to your flying future!

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BHPA tow conversion course £149 per day

Green Dragons off specialist tow training and tow conversions courses to BHPA qualified pilots. You can convert your tow rating to hill or hill rating to tow rating.

You can book a towing or tow conversion course by clicking the below button. Get more flying days by being tow rated and fly when other non tow rated pilots are grounded.

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