BHPA Paramotor Training

At Green Dragons we train a lot of paramotoring pilots and it is one of the fastest growing areas of paragliding. We welcome students of all levels to come and train with us to get BHPA qualified and develop as safe paramotor pilots.

We often find that experienced pilots come to us to improve their existing skills and learn new skills to progress safely onto longer and higher flights. We welcome self-taught and pilots who have trained at other schools to come and fly with us.

Because of the cost of the equipment and how rapidly the equipment is advancing we normally require our students to either provide their own equipment or buy their equipment before the start of the course. We can provide advice and we sell a large selection of new and second hand equipment should you need help in this area.

We are also an inspection and service centre with a huge selection of spare parts so we can keep your engine running. Whatever your paramotoring needs, we will have what you need at our paramotoring school.

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Paramotor Fun Days

A Paramotor fun day is day spent learning about our sport and getting you ready for your first solo flights. They focus on having a lot of fun whilst keeping you safe as you make your first steps into the sky. They are perfect gift idea for that special someone or as a taster day before signing up for the Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot courses for the unsure would be pilot.

During the fun day you will be able to feel the thrust of the paramotor whilst completing ground runs prior to your solo flights. For your solo flights we like to keep things simple, so you will not be using the paramotor whilst being winched into the air or hill launched. You will still be pilot in command and have full control of the paraglider wing for an amazing free flight experience. We aim to complete a number of flights on the fun day and focus on giving you a fun learning experience.

Our fun days are very popular and are delivered in a tailor made format so you progress quickly and safely along a BHPA recognised training program. Our instructors will introduce you to the equipment and teach you how the equipment works on the ground before you move onto the next steps. Once you are confident on the ground you will move onto small hops from our smallest training hill where you will float a few feet above the ground before making a safe soft landing. The final stage is to complete a number of small flights from a larger slope to experience the amazing feeling of flying like the birds. Throughout the flight our experienced instructors will be watching you and in constant communication with you safely guiding you back down to earth.

Be warned, paramotoring is highly addictive! We often find that many of our Fun Day customers are hooked from their first flight and sign up for a course to become a solo pilot. Because of this your Fun Day can count towards your Elementary Course if booked within 2 months of completing the Fun Day

Special Offer

At present we are offering £100 pounds off the Elementary Course if you sign up within 6 weeks of completing a fun day with us. This amazing offer won’t last long so sign up for a course as soon as possible using the booking portal

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Our training courses

The courses focus on producing safe paramotoring pilots that are capable of making safe independent decisions about their flying. We offer a complete range of BHPA approved courses from complete beginner to pilot rating sign off.

Elementary Course

The 5 day course is designed for those who have no paramotoring experience and is the perfect introduction to the sport. It covers important topics like, safe use of a motor, theory of flight, weather, air law and practical flying tasks. During the course we teach you how to use the motor safety, complete safe take offs and controlled landings. The course brings you to a level where you can safely progress onto the Club Pilot course which is the next step in your paramotoring development.

Club Pilot course

The BHPA approved 5 day Club Pilot Course continues the training from the Elementary Course to develop the paramotoring pilot into an independent pilot. The course will focus on making you the pilot in command, capable of making confident decisions on when it is safe to fly and in what conditions. The course will cover all of the previous topics in more detail whilst moving focus to completing more complexed flying tasks. The course increases your theoretical knowledge ensuring your flying is both legal and safe.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to fly independently in the UK and beyond, ready to start working towards your Pilot Rating.

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Already fly paramotors?

We recognise that there a lot of pilots who have self-taught or learnt elsewhere who want to get further training to continue their enjoyment of the sport. Because of this we offer tailor made courses or training days to get you up to speed with the current rules and regulations of paramotoring in the UK.

We will assess your skill level and design a training program that will get you BHPA qualified and make you a safe paramotor pilot. After an assessment day we will sign off any extra tasks required and cover any theory required to sit the BHPA exam. With this you can fly legally within the UK and with insurance provided by the BHPA to its pilots.

Please use the contact us form to discuss your requirements and let us know your previous experience so we can best meet your individual needs. We won’t spend time re-training you in areas that you already know and instead focus on making you a more confident and independent pilot.

If you do not need further training, are just looking for a safe place to meet like-minded pilots and fly more then join us at our private flying sites. We welcome all paramotoring pilots to come fly with us, make friends to enjoy the sport with others and get more flying days.

Please use the below contact us form to let us know your training needs.

Paramotor training with Green Dragons
Because paramotor training can be very specific to the needs of each pilot we ask you to contact us to let us know what you want to achieve and at what level you are currently at. From there we will develop a detailed training program to meet your needs and we can discuss the need for equipment or whether you have your own equipment, which is common for a lot of our paramotor students.
Please tick which areas you have experience in (you can select multiple boxes).
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By completing this form I agree to all of the below points and agree that all participants of Green Dragons flying events must be members of the BHPA.

You are required to bring your BHPA membership card with you each time you fly on a Green Dragons site.

BHPA operation procedures must be adhered to at all times.

The Green Dragons School has priority on flying rights at all times. Instructors may stand down qualified pilots, to allow trainees to carry out their soaring flights.

Qualified Green Dragons Instructors, Club Coaches or Staff Officials may control who takes off etc. from time to time, in order to sustain a safe flying environment.

A Green Dragons Instructor must be present at all times, for trainees.

To maintain a Club Coaching / Trainee Instructor / Instructor badge at the Green Dragons Club, you must attend at least 6 coaching sessions per year.

Whilst using any of the Green Dragon’s sites, pilots are responsible for their own actions and no claims will be made against Green Dragons, Land Owners or members of the public for any incident, howsoever caused.

On arrival @ the Green Dragons Headquarters, you are required to report to the office, to inform a member of staff that you will be flying on site. They can inform you which site is being used by other Club Members/the School.

You must have another person present while you are flying. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to fly alone, for obvious emergency reasons.

Green Dragons reserve the right to reject any application, although an explanation will always be given.

Green Dragons reserve the right to stop any membership for breaking the Terms & Conditions or causing any unwanted situations, although an explanation will always be given.

Members will be responsible for informing Green Dragons of any changes to their membership details/contact information / Next of Kin etc.

From time to time, extra subsidence fees will be incurred & charged to the Members if you are attending an event, such fees could include; petrol/camping/site fees etc.

If there is an event that you wish to attend, please call the office to book your place(s), this saves time & expense for the club & its staff.

If you have booked a place at an event & you do not attend, & have not informed us within 48 hours of the cancellation of your place, Green Dragons will charge you the full amount.

Winch launch solo flights are £2.00 per flight for members and £4.00 per flight, for non-members.

All members must abide by the above terms & conditions.

Green Dragons reserve the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time.