The Paragliding European Cup and World Cup are coming to Green Dragons Airsports

We are excited to be celebrating 50 years of accuracy in the UK by pulling together the accuracy pilot community worldwide – both past and present.

There will be both paraglider and parachute competitions running side by side. The individual events will be kicked off in style with a round parachute flight and a hang glider flight to target.

In addition, we are delighted that the Paragliding Accuracy European Cup and the Paragliding Accuracy World Cup will be joining us for two of the events.

The British Accuracy Cup will run on the following dates:

Round 1 – 15th April – 18th April 2022 – PGAEC – more information and registration can be found here
Round 2 – 21st April – 24th April 2022 – PGAWC – more information and registration can be found here
Round 3 – 2nd June – 5th June 2022 British PG National Championship
Round 4 – 26th August – 29th August 2022 – Classic National Championships

Contact the Green Dragons team to join in the fun!