What a start to this year’s Thermal Chasers

The team has recently returned from their exciting week flying in Spain. They flew over a magnitude of extraordinary landscapes, from mountains to sandy beaches.

Well done Bill Anderson, Joe Stapleton, Leigh Wallance and Sean Yates. Thank you for being an amazing group.

The Thermal Chasers Facebook page here is a great place to discover the amazing atmosphere of these holidays. Our posts capture the truly magnificent sights and amazing flying that takes place on these trips.

There were personal flying bests, average of 5 hours airtime each during the week. There were height climbs 1800m (almost 6000ft). Distances of 18km were travelled out and returned.
We flew every day, “6 out or 6” taking our Thermal Chasers world record breaking flown days to 319 out of a possible 331!
There was intense thermalling, learning kit set ups, thermalling techniques, perfecting take offs and landing skills, preparation and decision making and some revision and development.

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