‘So I took flying lessons’….. Behind the scenes

On the 16th November 2021 youtuber and streamers TommyInnit and Billzo came Paragliding at Green Dragons Airsports. They ended up doing some ground level flights and a tandem flight each in our Valley in Woldingham. On this page we will share some insight of what it was like working with Tommy and Billzo with some behind the scenes insights! 

The arrival and debriefing – 

When Tommy and Bill arrived they first completed a comprehensive debriefing with the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) Andy Shaw.

We were all very surprised when they went to get changed into ‘suits’ which we initially assumed were flying suits, but ended up being actual black tie suits and bow ties!  

We soon left HQ and drove down to the valley with Tommy and Bill discussing their chances of survival. We assured them that they were in good hands and had a “very low” chance of death.  

In the brief, they went over the plan for the day, and followed some essential safety procedures. This included the emergency rolls you can see at the beginning of the video which turned out to be very funny. 

The training – 

To prepare for their flights, Tommy and Bill underwent some training – they did ground handling with the paragliders and even managed to do some low level flights with CFI Andy guiding them through the process. 

They had GoPros strapped to their hands which captured the experience from a 1st person perspective and proved to be very amusing, especially on the first failed attempts when all you can see is the world spinning around. On one occasion Andy even took a fall with Tommy. 

The tandems –

The time finally came for Tommy and Bill to do their tandem flights. Instead of going in the back seat, they decided to jump in the back of the pick up to ride up to the top of the tallest hill where they waited for Andy to set up the harnesses and gliders for flight. In the video this is the point  Tommy and Bill explored and ate corn from the corn field while they were waiting! 

Tommy was up first and got strapped into the harness with Andy, who told him to just keep running until you are lifted off the ground and listen to everything he says. They ran off the edge of the hill and soared through the valley with Tommy screaming as they went. Noise really carries in the valley and the screams echoed loudly to everybody around. When they landed, Tommy fell over and waited on the floor before being helped up by. Then Andy returned to the top of the hill for Bill’s turn. 

The wind had changed so they moved around the valley where they ended up having an even better view. Andy and Bill got strapped into their harnesses, ready for take off. They ran off the edge and soared through the valley with Tommy and Bill shouting and screaming at each other as he descended and finally came to a very graceful landing (compared to Tommy’s) and unstrapped from the harness. 

Tommy and Bill were finally reunited and their reactions to one another soaring in the valley and landing were caught on camera. We loved having them and hope that they enjoyed it as much as we did and will return for more flying in the future! To see their video in full click here

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